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Proprietary Neuromodulation Chip for Bio-electronic Medicine


Our team has been developing integrated circuits (ICs) for biomedical and AI applications for more than 15 years. We have accumulated valuable know-how and built strong collaborations with both academics and the world-leading semiconductor industry in Taiwan. Our proprietary neuromodulation chip has enabled us to develop miniaturized, multi-functional products that accelerate brain science and transform the treatment of brain disorders. We believe that a proprietary neuromodulation chip will continue to play a key role in advancing bio-electronic medicine. Therefore, we are more than pleased to collaborate and grow with all individuals who are as passionate as us about empowering everyone to monitor and maintain their brain health.


NeuroChip. Silicon-Proven IP.
Design to Manufacture.

Microchip without background

Silicon-proven IPs

All functional circuits in our neuromodulation chip, ranging from neural recording/stimulation to wireless power/data transmission, have been verified with both the TSMC and the UMC processes. Novel designs are also continually verified by regular shuttle services accessible every three months. Our unique, silicon-proven IPs will guarantee top-tier and timely support for the development of your medical devices.

Customizable Designs

Based on our silicon-proven IPs, we offer customized system-on-a-chip (SoC) that transforms your ideas into high-quality deliverables. The customization includes but does not limit to: the number of brain-interfacing channels, wireless power and data transmission, digital signal processing, machine-learning algorithms, embedded memory, etc.

Advanced Fabrication and Packaging

Leveraging the supply chain of microelectronics in Taiwan, we can access many advanced fabrication and packaging services, including chip bumping, flip-chip bonding, silicon-in-package (SiP), heterogeneous integration, etc. These advanced services would allow you to imagine and create your medical device without limitations.
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