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Target-oriented Microwire Electrode Array


BPS electrode arrays are precisely engineered for monitoring brain activities across multiple regions, offering high channel accuracy under 0.1 mm on a mini-PCB. Designed for adaptability, they suit Parkinson's research, epilepsy models, sleep studies, and more. Contact us for custom electrode solutions fitting your research demands.


Low Impedance. Highly Specific.

Microwire electrode

Microwire electrode

The insulated Pt/Ir or tungsten microwire offers superior biocompatibility and presents an optimal tip impedance, ideal for capturing local field potentials and neuronal spikes.
Precise electrode placement

Precise electrode placement

Enhanced precision ensures targeted access to specific brain regions, optimizing research outcomes and therapeutic interventions
Research-Focused Design

Research-Focused Design

Design tailored for specific research needs, such as hippocampal studies, Parkinson's disease investigations, and sleep stage detection
Precise electrode placement
Microwire Array in Parkinson’s Disease (PD) Research
For PD research, the regions of interest encompass multiple brain areas, presenting operational challenges for researchers with their animal subjects. Addressing this, we developed an industry-standard microwire array tailored to simultaneously target essential brain regions, including the substantia nigra, striatum, globus pallidus, subthalamic nucleus, and more.
Hippocampus-targeting Electrode Array
For hippocampal studies, we've designed an array electrode specifically tailored to simultaneously target all key regions of the hippocampus, including the CA1, CA3, DG, and the subiculum.
Fusion of EEG/ECoG/EMG Electrodes for Sleep Analysis
A combination of EEG/ECoG electrodes (to monitor brain activity) and EMG neck electrodes (to monitor muscle activity) provides an ideal approach for accurately detecting and analyzing different sleep states.
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