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Cloud-Powered Telemedicine Platform for Brain Health


Cordia is an Artificial Intelligence plus Internet of Things (AIoT) platform designed specifically for bio-electronic development and brain research. The integration of a diverse range of sensors caters to various research requirements, including neuromodulator analysis, synchronization to external devices, and video analysis.


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Cordia is our advanced AIoT platform designed specifically for neuroscience research and bio-electronic application. At the core of the platform lies a robust AIoT infrastructure, facilitating the integration of a diverse range of sensors to cater to various research requirements. Cordia automatically integrates all five BPS components: NeuLive, BrainDee, Elite, Dongle, and Camera, collectively offering a comprehensive solution for brain science.

NeuLive empowers researchers with wireless single-unit recording and electrical stimulation capabilities, while BrainDee facilitates non-invasive neuromodulation for human studies. Elite specializes in wireless electrochemical detection, Trigger supports closed-loop neuromodulation experiments and synchronization of third-party devices, and Camera ensures real-time subject monitoring. Additionally, Cordia allows for flexible integration of additional sensors, enabling researchers to expand the platform's capabilities in accordance with their specific needs.

With its user-friendly interface, Cordia streamlines data collection, analysis, and collaboration, empowering researchers to push the boundaries of neuroscience research. Experience the cutting-edge technology and advanced AI capabilities of Cordia, while leveraging the potential for further sensor expansion within the system.

Programmable phase-dependent neuromodulation

By combining AI and IoT, our programmable system brings a future where external assistance is offered precisely when required, as exemplified by closed-loop neuromodulation. This groundbreaking approach enables seamless integration and adaptive responses, unlocking a new era of intelligent and context-aware technology.
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