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Smart and Wearable Neuromodulator for Brain Health


BrainDee is a wireless tES-EEG device that enables everyone to monitor and maintain their brain health for good life quality. BrainDee first targets to provide personalized and long-lasting therapy for movement disorders. This is achieved by recording brain activities without motion artifacts and modulating brain activities without interrupting brain recording. This feature enables neurologists to optimize stimulation locations and strategies by comparing pre- and post-stimulation EEGs. Our AIoT platform, Cordia, further facilitates home use for early diagnosis and remote optimization of individual therapies.


Smart active electrodes.
Precise stimulation.
Early diagnosis.

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Smart active electrodes

The active electrode of BrainDee records high-quality EEG without noise interferences and enables instantaneous switching between recording and stimulation function with negligible stimulation artifacts. This feature enables neurologists to evaluate stimulation effects in real time.

Precise stimulation

Controlling the timing and location of stimulation precisely is the key for maximizing stimulation efficacy.  BrainDee is ideal for executing AI algorithms that detect characteristic or pathological brain activities automatically, and subsequently trigger stimulation at precise timing. BrainDee further supports multisite, phase-locked stimulation to enhance the spatial resolution of stimulation.

Early diagnosis

Early diagnosis is crucial for intervening in disease progression. Our team has identified the biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases and developed AI algorithms to detect the biomarkers reliably. With our AIoT platform, Cordia, BrainDee is able to execute these AI algorithms and integrate multiple wearable devices to enhance detection accuracy.

Your Cloud-Powered Controller

Seamlessly manage all your devices and retrieve data with Cordia in just 30 seconds—no software installation required.
BrainDee User Interface
BrainDee is a wearable brain modulator designed to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of neural disorders. It offers a non-invasive, personalized approach with minimal side effects, aiming to improve the quality of life for patients. Its active scalp electrodes provide high-quality EEG recordings and can deliver transcranial electrical stimulation (DC, AC, RNS) without causing motion artifacts or interrupting the EEG recording. This capability allows neurologists to optimize stimulation locations and strategies by comparing EEGs before and after the intervention. Additionally, BrainDee incorporates AI algorithms for the automatic detection of pathological brain activities and ensures precise control over stimulation timing. While BrainDee was initially designed with a focus on movement disorders, it aims to expand its applications in the future for personalized brain modulation.
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